Build enthusiasm through powerful communications technologies.

At Blueline, we facilitate a connection to your audience.


Your audience dictates how much they want to know about you – and through what medium. They decide:

  • Whether to read the brochure that you sent.
  • How often to visit your website or intranet site and whether they are going to read your latest blog entry.
  • Whether to “like” you on Facebook, accept your invitation on LinkedIn or follow you on Twitter.
  • If your emails will be screened through spam filters.

connect with your audience

Your audience’s response to you is determined by how much you involve them, entertain them and bring value to them through your communications. Draw employees into the story of your organization’s purpose, values and journey of change through innovative print communications. Help your customers and employees to not only see the big picture, but also to become part of it through high-impact writing and graphics and innovative technologies.

Blueline can help you connect with your audience through all three means. We collaborate with you to build a plan that delivers maximum impact within your time and budget constraints. Every communication plan creates a consistent, branded, strategic intervention that may leverage:

Logos, fonts, colors and style guidelines
Branding messages, themes and storylines
Brochures, infographics and stories
Quick Draw Videos and eBooks

Is a Quick Draw Video Right for You?

Blueline’s quick draw videos are uniquely effective at communicating big concepts and ideas. These short, highly engaging videos achieve high retention rates by delivering critical messages through a combination of hand-drawn images, quantitative information, careful scripting and upbeat music.

Quick Draw Videos offer significant advantages over many other video-based mediums because they free you from expensive production fees associated with talent, locations, stock footage and more.

Watch this video to see a sample quick draw video.

Still not convinced? Click to Learn

more about how to tell your story through quick draw videos.

Show the Big Picture with a Journey Map

Communicating important information verbally or in writing can be confusing and leaves the door wide open for interpretation. The mind’s eye is often quick to interpret what it understands the message to be – right, wrong or somewhere in-between. And once employees start talking, misinformation can spread like wildfire.

Ensure all of your employees receive, understand and see their role in your organization’s most important messages with a Journey Map.

A Journey Map is an 11 x 17 graphic that uses visuals, narratives and metaphors to engage employees in a highly participative way. They’re a proven, powerful tool for:


Mapping It Out: Helping Employees See the Big Picture
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Sometimes Training Isn’t the Answer (Part 2)
by David Milliken 06/19/15 7:23 PM

You’ll recall that in my last post I shared the thought process that we go through when helping clients to determine the root cause of their challenge and therefore the most impactful solution. In this scenario, our pharmaceutical client needed to jumpstart the use of a new product planning process that they had recently updated…
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We’ve all suffered the same business development challenges. Identify a prospect who can benefit from our services, demonstrate to them that we can bring value, and convince them that they need to take action now. Repeat as often as possible. Making major sales on a regular basis just got easier. Dale Olsen’s latest book details…
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