How does Supportive Selling relate to needs-based sales models?

blueline-q&aTell us a little bit about the Supportive Selling sales process. Most sales organizations have already embraced a needs-based selling framework like SPIN. How does Supportive Selling relate to other needs-based sales models?

The standard for needs-based selling was set by Neil Rackham in the groundbreaking research that led to the SPIN Selling framework. Dr. Dale Olsen extends the work done by Rackham and others by overlaying Motivational Interviewing techniques on top of proven needs-based selling behaviors. At first I was skeptical of this. But after taking the time to learn about simple, amplified and double-sided reflections, I realized that Dr. Olsen and his team had identified a breakthrough that had the potential to transform the interaction between buyer and seller. They had created something totally unique that would give the sales professionals that used a combination of needs-based selling and Motivational Interviewing techniques a competitive advantage.

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