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Managing to Develop Talent… the Challenge Is on!

Today’s managers face a long and varied list of demands and challenges – not the least of which is coaching and developing their employees. After all, if their employees don’t succeed, they don’t succeed.Management Challenge

It’s no secret what needs to be done – to mentor, develop and grow employees to their highest level of competence. For most managers, however, the trick lies in how to do it… how to capture the hearts and minds of employees in a way that makes them open to development and want to contribute their best.

Enter Abilitie’s Management Challenge™, a dynamic team-based simulation designed to help new and experienced managers build their talent-management skills – identifying, motivating, coaching and developing employees – in response to everyday challenges.

Managers quickly learn to elevate their teams to deliver high performance and grow their capabilities as they practice crucial skills such as:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Coaching high performers
  • Navigating the aftermath of a termination
  • Coaching behavioral disruptions
  • Motivating disengaged employees
  • Addressing distracting rumors

Management Challenge™ kicks safe experiences with predictable outcomes to the curb as it isolates key competencies and provides an environment where managers are free to explore, practice and gain experience in real-world management situations – without real-world consequences.

I’m sold on Management Challenge™, and I think you will be too. Feel free to watch our recorded webinar to learn more and see first-hand how this revolutionary program will change the way you develop talent managers!

I also invite you to contact us today to learn more about Management Challenge™ or any of our custom classroom simulations, Blueline Blueprint™ learning visuals or other innovative delivery methods that have been generating notable business results in leading organizations worldwide for more than 13 years.

Talent Management Simulation – Available Now!

Blueline Simulations is excited to announce the release of Enspire’s Management Challenge™, the newest addition to our suite of simulation-based leadership and management development programs!

Management Challenge™ will help your new and experienced managers to build their talent management skills – identifying, motivating, coaching and developing talent – in response to some universal challenges:

  • Navigating difficult conversations with direct reports on potentially uncomfortable topics
  • Facilitating effective coaching conversations based on identified needs
    and goals
  • Developing and deepening relationships through coaching
  • Engaging, influencing and motivating people with
    differing perspectives, preferences and communication styles
  • Creating collaborative solutions within a competitive environment

Please join us to learn more about Management Challenge™ and view a live demonstration led by Blueline Partner: Robert Coates. Sign up for our 50-minute public webinar at 1:30 pm EST on September 5th. Register today to reserve your seat!

During the info session and demonstration, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek of Management Challenge™ and get to see first-hand how this revolutionary new program will change the way you develop talent managers!

If you are unable to participate in one of our upcoming public webinars, contact us today to schedule a private demonstration for your company.