We thought we had seen it all. Then we discovered Management Challenge.

We’ve been in the training business for a long time. When it comes to talent management learning solutions, we thought we had seen it all.

Then we discovered Management ChallengeTM.

Developed by our partners at Enspire, participants practice communicating with employees, delegating projects, and managing employee engagement in this highly immersive talent management simulation.

Management ChallengeTM is a classroom or virtual learning experience that lets your people develop key talent management skills. In the program they compete to maximize business results with limited human resources in a simulated business environment.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar in your organization?

  • Navigating difficult conversations with direct reports on potentially uncomfortable topics
  • Facilitating effective coaching conversations based on identified needs and goals
  • Developing and deepen relationships through coaching
  • Engaging, influencing and motivating people with differing perspectives, preferences, and communication styles
  • Creating collaborative solutions within a competitive environment

An innovative learning solution like this demands to be experienced! And now you can experience it FREE.

Join us at 1:30 pm EST on August 28th or September 5th for a 50 minute webinar and experience exactly how Management ChallengeTM delivers a vivid talent management learning experience that parallels the real-life challenges faced by every manager you know.

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