Create champions for change.

The #1 reason why change initiatives fail to deliver the desired results is that people are not willing to embrace the new behaviors required to sustain change.

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Transform your employee population into impassioned change advocates through an immersive experience that invites them to:

  • Make their own case for change through rich dialogue with peers
  • Connect personally by exploring why, when and how
  • Identify behaviors needed to sustain the change
  • Become advocates for the change


What changes is your organization facing? A merger or acquisition? New products or processes? Uncertainty in the marketplace?

Working with your stakeholders, our instructional designers will design and develop a unique experience that inspires passion and confidence in your employees. One proven approach leverages a powerful, flexible tool called a Blueline Blueprint™ learning visual. Rich in visual metaphors and data, Blueline’s learning visuals are a catalyst for in-depth discussion and analysis.

Imagine a room full of employees in table teams exploring relevant visual metaphors, digging into data, trading personal experiences to challenge each other’s assumptions and – perhaps most important – engaging in dialogue where they are building their own case for change.


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Few markets are as complex and fast changing as healthcare. Leaders at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies needed to equip their people for success in an uncertain world while unlocking their capacity for innovation. They needed to ensure that their employees were not only adept at recognizing trends and rapidly shifting paradigms, but they also were able to evaluate their every action in terms of its impact on future patients.

Drawing on knowledge that the client had gathered from leading futurists and thinkers, Blueline created a classroom experience using a Blueline Blueprint™ learning visual. Participant teams used the visual to develop likely scenarios for healthcare options 13 years into the future and identify the impact on patients.

The classroom simulation was supplemented with a series of online interviews that used branching simulation technology. Those interviews enabled participants to engage with a patient today and then discover how that same patient’s needs evolved in a variety of imagined futures 13 years later.

Simulation participants reported having a greater awareness of how their work directly affects patients. They also reported a shift in thinking about the pace and extent of change in their industry and the need to find more and better ways to deliver value to patients.


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