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You may be familiar with other “mapping” methodologies. But you've never seen anything like Blueline’s signature Blueprint™ learning visuals.

Unlike traditional learning maps, which tend to be self-contained, "closed" learning exercises, Blueline Blueprints™ often serve as the locus of activity and highly involving context for a broader agenda of coordinated learning interventions. In fact, we find that there is tremendous value in using the Blueprints as a launch point for a range of individual activities and team challenges. These often include some combination of situational dilemmas, realistic storylines, game play, chance events, Socratic questions, practical application and action planning. This makes it possible to create a single experience that is responsive to the ongoing needs of the most diverse employee populations.

Learning Visuals explained

Rich in visual metaphors and data, Blueline’s Blueprint™ learning visuals are a catalyst for in-depth discussion and analysis. Imagine a room full of teams of four or five learners each. At the center of every team is a table-sized Blueline Blueprint learning visual – a dramatic graphic that quickly engages the table team's multiple learning styles by inviting learners to explore relevant visual metaphors, dig into data and trade personal experiences to challenge each other’s assumptions. And perhaps most important, they engage in rich dialogue that generates deep awareness of your strategic messages.

Blueline's Blueprints™ provide conceptual consistency and increase retention… all without relying on skilled facilitation. Using a see-one, do-one model for cascading delivery, these rich experiences ensure that a consistent message is delivered throughout your organization. And with little personal preparation, your leaders feel like “rock stars” after delivering what is often cited by employees as “the most engaging developmental experience of their careers.”

Click here to download a full version of a final rendering of a Learning Visual that Blueline
developed to introduce the concepts of Supportive Selling.

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Compress the cycle of learning and inculcation.

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