Webinar: New Way to Groom High Potential Leaders

A new survey conducted by global management consulting firm Booz & Co. shows that a striking majority of corporate leaders are not able to keep their priorities straight. They are also pursuing strategies they don’t believe in, and many of their strategies fail to build on the things their companies are especially good at, compared with competitors. It’s like everything that can go wrong already has gone wrong for them.

Closing the business strategy gap in your organization requires developing new insights and skills that can only come from experience. How will you ensure that your next generation of leaders will get the experience they need to prioritize and make decisions that are consistent with your business’ highest priorities?

Introducing Executive Challenge – the latest in a series of leadership simulations designed to give your high potential leaders insight into dealing with nearly every strategic challenge imaginable – from talent management to compliance and from ethics to defining and executing a global vision.

Please join us on April 9th for a live walk-through of Executive Challenge™ led by Blueline’s Director of Leadership Innovations: Steve Mosley.

During the info session and demonstration, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek of Executive Challenge™ and get to see first-hand how this revolutionary new program will change the way you groom your next generation of Executives!

If you are unable to participate in one of our upcoming public webinars, contact us today to schedule a private demonstration for your company.

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