Why Blueline?

About Us

When failure is not an option

Empowering Business Transformation Through Human-Centered Learning

Blueline was founded on three core beliefs about developing adult learning, the combination of which highlighted a need in the market:

  • Learner engagement drives learning outcomes.
  • The people that scope the project with you should be the same people that you work with every day.
  • If you ask the right questions and listen carefully, the answers already exist inside your business.

We strive to think and act like David in a world of Goliaths.

We build deep client partnerships by solving each client’s unique challenges through a mix of immersive learning experiences and powerful communications technologies.

Our Areas of Expertise

We specialize in creating training experiences that deliver:

  • Business Acumen
  • Customer Service
  • Onboarding
  • Leadership
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Transformation

What’s in a Name?

Historically, artists and architects drafted their work using a blue pencil. The blueline drawing created with the pencil didn’t show up when run through a copy machine, giving them the ability to adapt and make changes quickly and easily. Those renderings came to represent flexibility and responsiveness when collaborating with clients.

For us, a blueline drawing is the first step when collaborating with clients on the design and development of a learning visual. Figuratively, it represents our philosophy on client service: flexible and responsive while collaborating to meet your unique needs.

The Blueline experience

We believe that exceptional learning experiences go beyond the latest technology. 

Our approach is grounded in four key differentiators that define the Blueline experience: 

Training and Development Programs for Employees

Our Custom Learning & Communications Solutions

Voice of the Business

Blueline's Voice of the Business (VotB) process is a unique combination of information-gathering tactics designed to:
- Engage your employees
- Secure their commitment
- Pinpoint critical issues
- Identify solutions in response

VotB allows you to mine insights from inside your business to build alignment and momentum for a particular solution.

ExperienceBUILDER™ Platform

The ExperienceBUILDER digital design and delivery platform provides synchronous, team-driven, discovery learning to onsite, virtual, and hybrid teams. It uses tailored or fully custom simulations to immerse and engage teams of learners just as effectively as a traditional classroom environment.

Each carefully choreographed learning experience is designed to maximize participant engagement and drive knowledge retention and skills acquisition.

Meet our Leadership Team

We’re a team of experienced learning and development professionals dedicated to improving learner outcomes. Find out more about who we are and what we get excited about in the world of L&D.

A Sampling of Our Clients

We collaborate with some of world’s biggest companies and best-known brands to bring their visions to life, facilitate transformation, and solve their pressing business needs.

Learn more about how our platforms and learning tools transcend delivery modes to achieve business objectives.

Awards and Accolades

Our passion for our clients has been rewarded by accolades from our industry’s most revered organizations.

Brandon Hall Excellence Awards
Best Custom Content · Best Learning Game · Best Use of Virtual Worlds for Learning · Best Integration of Learning and Talent Management · Best Onboarding Program
B Learning Leaders

It’s Simple To Get Started on Your Transformation Journey

Here’s how we work with you:

Schedule a free consultation with one of our Principals.

Meet your dedicated Blueline team, who will quickly get immersed in your organization’s context, needs, and goals.

Partner with us to build alignment among your internal stakeholders for a learning solution targeted to your objectives.

Experience the power of a Blueline tailored or custom-built training initiative, and watch your vision become a reality.

Corporate Learning and Development Skills

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