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Corporate Business Acumen

Our highly engaging and scalable learning visuals and business simulations build essential business capabilities for employees and managers at every level. Financially educated employees:

  • Understand the numbers and the story behind them
  • Know the true costs of their actions and decisions
  • Discover how they personally impact the company’s finances
  • Know how to  create greater value for the organization


Business finance and strategy for employees at all levels

Unleash an "ownership mindset" at all levels of your organization through this one-day board-based simulation. This engaging simulation develops employees’ understanding of cash flow, resource utilization, balance sheet/income statement analysis and more.

Marketplace strategy for employees at all levels

In this one-day simulation, employees exercise visionary thinking to reaffirm the basics of your current business and explore opportunities to create competitive advantage and win new business. Participants from all levels and functions come together for a constructive dialogue around product life cycles, disruptive technologies, supply chain efficiency, value-added services, customer segmentation and more.


Business finance and strategy for managers of your manufacturing or distribution organization

In this two-day classroom simulation, learners compete as leaders in one of six fictional organizations. Together, they face difficult investment decisions as they battle for customers in a demanding marketplace. As teams of learners manage the strategic, operational and financial variables of the organization, they discover the impact their decisions have and learn to use financial statements and ratios as planning tools for boosting productivity and profitability.

Business finance and strategy for managers of your service-driven organization

In this two-day classroom simulation, your team works in a simulated knowledge-intensive organization where learners must compete to win clients and recruit key personnel. They learn the importance of managing those critical intangible assets to create long-term profitability.

Online business finance and strategy for managers and individual contributors

This four- to eight-hour web-based classroom or virtual classroom multiplayer simulation puts your managers and individual contributors in the driver’s seat of a fictitious organization. Over the course of four quarters, they are challenged to make investment decisions, fund their strategies and evaluate their results in terms of real-world financial metrics. Most important, they make vivid connections between their everyday decisions and the impact those decisions have on the company’s financial goals.


Business finance and strategy for executives and high potentials

This one- or two-day simulation immerses learners in a high-pressure environment characterized by the asymmetrical flow of information, rich strategic options, and decisions and tradeoffs that reflect the real world. Learners compete in one of three fictional organizations as they seek to win customers in an ever-changing marketplace. To succeed, they have to challenge themselves to move beyond the functional silos that have dominated their thinking and work in partnership to develop organizational strategy.

Market analysis and positioning for managers and executives

In this fast-moving two-day classroom simulation, executives compete for customers in a competitive world. To win, they must build and execute a sound business strategy. This rich, dialogue-driven classroom experience is enhanced by a software component that delivers detailed yearly analyses and comparisons of the teams’ performance along a range of objective factors. This leads to intense discussions and links to participants’ own business experiences.


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A mortgage represents a series of complicated transactions, especially when these securities are transferred from one financial institution to another. The consumer/borrower and bank employees often lack an inclusive perspective of the full process. One of the world’s top five financial services companies wanted to rectify this by giving its mortgage service employees a holistic view of the business. With this shared understanding, their goal was to expedite problem resolution, increase interdepartmental teamwork and strengthen their associates’ value to the organization.

Blueline partnered with the company to create a business orientation experience that would quickly engage employees and give them a comprehensive understanding of the life cycle of a mortgage loan. The resulting Blueline Blueprint™ depicted the mortgage process in a visual and metaphorical way that rendered the many complexities of the process in an intuitive whole.

The Blueline Blueprint™ was successfully rolled out not only in the United States, but also to the company’s international service offices. Originally conceived as a core component of new-hire orientation, the company decided that every employee could benefit from the experience. The company reports that the training has had a huge impact on cross-departmental communication and cooperation.


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