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Secure commitment by directly engaging your audience.
Use employee insights to get on the same page

Unsure How To Address Your Greatest Challenges?

Many organizations are frustrated by transformation initiatives that stall and fail to yield results.

But are you solving the right problems in the right way?

Focus on Employee Insights from the Inside

Every engagement with Blueline begins with a clearly identified business need. By tapping into employee insights, internal expertise and passion, we’re able to gain valuable insights to inform the transformation process. Involving employees has the added benefit of ensuring their buy-in and commitment to the solution—a significant predictor of success.

The result? A solution that is perfectly ALIGNED with your vision and goals.

How We Use Employee Insights to Help You ALIGN

By asking good questions, conducting employee insights surveys, and listening carefully to the answers, more often than not, we’ve found that your people can help us to clearly define your organization’s most pressing challenges and uncover a vision for the best solution. Armed with insights from the inside, and an external perspective, our creative team stands ready to help you through innovative communication strategies and immersive learning experiences.

Align With Employee Experience Insights

Voice of the Business (VotB)

Gain employee insights and tap into your people’s expertise and passion

Our belief, validated through hundreds of client projects, is that the answers to solving your organization’s greatest challenges lay dormant in the minds of your people—and all you have to do is ask.

Named by one of our clients, Blueline’s Voice of the Business (VotB) process is a unique combination of background research, free-form interviews, focus groups, employee insights surveys, and questionnaires designed to engage and secure the commitment of your employees while pinpointing critical issues and identifying solutions in response.

Our Voice of the Business (VotB) process follows five simple steps:

1. Prepare

2. Listen

3. Build a Straw Man

4. Test and Refine

5. Share the Big Ideas

This process enables you to gain internal insights and secure employee buy-in and commitment.

Communicate & Connect

The second part of your alignment journey involves sharing your big ideas with the organization. Blueline can facilitate this crucial connection to your audience by drawing employees into the story of your organization’s purpose, values, and journey of change. We help your employees to not only see the big picture but also to become part of it through high-impact writing and graphics delivered via innovative technologies.

Communication Planning

Every communication plan creates a consistent, branded, strategic intervention that may leverage your corporate identity and style guidelines; branding messages, themes, and storylines; infographics, and stories; interactive documents, video telestrations; and Journey Maps.

Quick Draw Videos

Our quick draw videos uniquely communicate big concepts and ideas. These short, highly engaging videos achieve high retention rates by delivering critical messages through a combination of cutting-edge graphics, hand drawn images, quantitative information, careful scripting, and upbeat music.

Journey Maps

Ensure all of your employees receive, understand, and connect with your organization’s most important messages with a Journey Map. A Journey Map is an 11 x 17 graphic that uses visuals, narratives, and metaphors to engage employees in a highly participative way.

By communicating effectively with your desired audience, you’re able to build momentum and commitment to your business solution and ensure a successful implementation–every time.

It’s Simple To Get Started on Your Transformation Journey

Here’s how we work with you:

Schedule a free consultation with one of our Principals.

Meet your dedicated Blueline team, who will quickly get immersed in your organization’s context, needs, and goals.

Partner with us to build alignment among your internal stakeholders for a learning solution targeted to your objectives.

Experience the power of a Blueline tailored or custom-built training initiative, and watch your vision become a reality.

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