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Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER™ simulations engage teams of learners in immersive learning experiences.

Unsure How To Drive Real Change With Speed, At Scale?

  • Undergoing a high-stakes business transformation?
  • Need to show clear business impact?
  • Leaders struggling to deal with new challenges?
  • Employees failing to embrace the rapidly changing nature of work?
  • Wondering how to connect with employees across the enterprise in an engaging and meaningful way?
The secret:

Immersive, Human-Centered Learning Experiences

Every Blueline scenario simulation is carefully crafted to maximize participant engagement while driving knowledge retention and skills acquisition. Teams of learners practice applying new knowledge and skills in a safe environment that inspires them to:

Align With Employee Experience Insights

Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER Simulations

Teams work together to solve your company’s most pressing challenges in a safe environment while sharing personal experiences, exploring diverse perspectives, challenging the status quo—and, in the process, internalizing new knowledge, skills, and behaviors.

Unique features of our simulation platform:

Facilitator Tools Ensure Quality and Consistency

Progress indicators

Stage gates

Live pause

Add/remove scenarios

Open text summary

Score adjuster

Remote client reset functions

Comprehensive reporting

What Makes Our Simulations So Engaging?

Training and Development Programs for Employees
  • Teams of learners must work together to solve complex problems based on real-world situations with intentionally gray choices 
  • Decisions are scored against competing priorities (e.g., employee engagement vs. business results) 
  • Results are tracked on a live leaderboard
  • Lively competition ensures every member of the team participates fully 

It’s Simple To Get Started on Your Transformation Journey

Here’s how we work with you:

Schedule a free consultation with one of our Principals.

Meet your dedicated Blueline team, who will quickly get immersed in your organization’s context, needs, and goals.

Partner with us to build alignment among your internal stakeholders for a learning solution targeted to your objectives.

Experience the power of a Blueline tailored or custom-built training initiative, and watch your vision become a reality.

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