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Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER™ provides synchronous, team-driven discovery learning experiences that facilitate business transformation.
Engage hybrid and remote teams of learners through immersive learning experiences

Unsure How To Drive Change in a Hybrid World?

  • Is your business transformation initiative high stakes?
  • Do you need to show clear business impact?
  • Are your leaders struggling to deal with new challenges?
  • Are your employees able to embrace the rapidly changing nature of work?
  • Do you need to connect with employees across the enterprise in an engaging and meaningful way?

The nature of work is changing rapidly. Organizations need to learn how to thrive in a period of disruption by facilitating leadership transformation, driving cultural change, and enhancing employee engagement.

The secret:

Synchronous, Team-Driven, Immersive Learning Experiences

We have solved the riddle of the virtual classroom by immersing and engaging hybrid and remote teams of learners just as effectively as in a traditional classroom, transforming the way that people build new knowledge and skills.

Blueline Provides Real-World Learning in Sync With Today’s World

Each immersive learning experience is carefully crafted to maximize participant engagement and drive knowledge retention and skills acquisition. Teams of learners practice applying new knowledge and skills in a safe environment that inspires them to:

Align With Employee Experience Insights

Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER

The ExperienceBUILDER immersive learning design platform enables team-based onsite, virtual, and hybrid learning that fully immerses and engages teams of learners. Each immersive learning experience is carefully choreographed to maximize knowledge retention and skill acquisition. 

With ExperienceBUILDER, small teams from around the world can work together to solve your company’s most pressing challenges in a safe environment while sharing personal experiences, exploring diverse perspectives, and challenging the status quo—and, in the process, internalizing new knowledge, skills, and behaviors.

Unique ExperienceBUILDER features:

ExperienceBUILDER creates unparalleled immersive learning experiences that challenge individual learners to discover new insights and make connections with the help of their teammates, regardless of physical location.

Facilitator Tools Ensure Quality and Consistency

Progress indicators

Stage gates

Live pause

Add/remove scenarios

Open text summary

Score adjuster

Remote client reset functions

Comprehensive reporting

What Makes ExperienceBUILDER So Engaging?

Training and Development Programs for Employees
  • Learners are presented with complex problems based on real-world situations, often without clear right or wrong answers
  • Team decisions are scored against competing priorities (e.g., employee engagement vs. business results)
  • Teams collaborate to balance business needs with other priorities
  • Results are tracked using meters and on a live leaderboard
  • Lively competition requires every member of the team to participate in order to succeed
  • Cutting-edge learning design elements include branching, long-term consequences, random events, timers, and multipliers

It’s Simple To Get Started on Your Transformation Journey

Here’s how we work with you:

Schedule a free consultation with one of our Principals.

Meet your dedicated Blueline team, who will quickly get immersed in your organization’s context, needs, and goals.

Partner with us to build alignment among your internal stakeholders for a learning solution targeted to your objectives.

Experience the power of a Blueline tailored or custom-built training initiative, and watch your vision become a reality.

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