Train your whole sales team to sell like the top 20%

Boost your business revenue with AI-powered sales and negotiation skills training

Successful selling takes practice

From uncovering needs to pitching products, building rapport, and handling objections, the best way to learn sales skills is by practicing them. 


  • Most sales managers don’t have time to coach the reps that need it most
  • Continuous, just-in-time learning is difficult to scale
  • New product launches suffer
  • Poor sales skills hinder relationship-building, client loyalty, and satisfaction
  • Prolonged sales cycles lead to lost opportunities
  • Sales reps burn out and leave

Generative AI (GenAI) technology makes sales training more scalable, personalized, and engaging

Upgraded with the power of GenAI, Blueline’s ExperienceBuilder™ platform is designed to:

  • Immerse learners in a fun, highly competitive experience
  • Replicate real-life selling scenarios using unscripted, responsive dialogue
  • Allow reps to practice their skills in a safe environment
  • Provide insightful coaching and immediate, personalized feedback


It’s like having a virtual sales coach in your pocket!

Powered by AI, human experience and authentic intelligence, ExperienceBUILDER takes learning to the next level

Imagine your sales team making good decisions that result in:


Shortened sales cycles

Enhanced client relationships

Increased revenue

Ready to give your sales team the AI advantage?

Our sales skills training combines the power of AI with authentic intelligence to offer real-time feedback, personalized coaching, and adapted learning pathways.

Schedule a demo today and let ExperienceBUILDER transform your sales team into top sellers.

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