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Generate lasting results through tailored or fully custom immersive learning experiences.
Customize learning experiences for maximum results

Battling To Drive Behavior Change?

Are your subscription-based e-learning initiatives driving behavior change in learners? While these programs can have tremendous benefits in some contexts, off-the-shelf solutions generally fail to build new skills and change learner behavior. 

When you have business transformation goals in mind, you need to think differently.

Our Tailoring and Custom-Design Capabilities

Blending cutting-edge technology with sound instructional design, our tailored and fully custom-designed learning experiences engage your team in rich dialogue that generates vigorous adoption of your strategic messages. In these immersive experiences, learners gain opportunities to safely apply new skills and behaviors in their proper context. Employees explore your organization’s transformation story using dramatic graphics and practice navigating new work requirements through real-life, work-based challenges that offer them opportunities to explore new concepts and hone their skills. 

Explore our myriad custom capabilities, and learn how we use storytelling and gamification to enhance our onsite, virtual classroom and hybrid designs.

Training Simulations

Simulations are proven to be one of the most effective employee training methods. Blueline can tailor existing or create fully custom simulations for your unique needs.

Learning Visuals

Blueline Blueprint™ signature learning visuals are rich in visual metaphors and data, encouraging in-depth discussion and analysis.

Areas of Expertise

Our core areas of expertise include Business Acumen, Customer Service, Onboarding, Leadership, Sales & Marketing, and Business Transformation.

Training Simulations

Whether presented onsite, virtually, or in a hybrid setting, training simulations deliver transformation with unmatched engagement, value, and retention.

Effective simulations provide an engaging way for learners to grasp new concepts, build skills, and transform behavior. Using a safe environment modeled after the real world, training simulations allow learners to experience and evaluate the outcomes of their actions and decisions in a risk-free environment.

There are three main types of training simulations:

Spreadsheet Simulations

The new generation of spreadsheet simulations creates a safe space for learners to practice new skills and strategies by modeling complex marketplaces. Outcomes change in real-time based on participants’ choices.

Branching Simulations

Branching simulations invite learners to explore and experience different decision paths. Highly accurate and detailed feedback allows learners to see how their decisions affect the outcome.

Scenario Simulations

Versatile scenario simulations can be used to explore simple dilemmas or complex challenges. Scenario simulations have proven effective for developing a wide range of interpersonal and technical skills.

Learning Visuals

Rich in visual metaphors and data, Blueline’s Blueprint™ learning visuals offer a catalyst for in-depth discussion and analysis. Unlike traditional learning maps, which tend to be self-contained learning exercises, a Blueline Blueprint serves as the locus of activity and provides a highly engaging context for a broader agenda of coordinated learning interventions.

With several helpful and engaging features, our Blueprint graphics can be used as the launch point for a range of individual activities and team challenges. Blueline Blueprints:

Areas of Expertise

We have deep expertise designing immersive learning experiences to support initiatives related to:

Business Acumen

We build essential business finance and strategy capabilities for employees and managers at every level.

Customer Service

We ensure that employees at all levels are equipped to create exceptional experiences for your customers.


We create deeply engaging onboarding experiences that inspire passion and confidence.


We simulate the application of leadership strategies and tactics so that leaders can safely hone the skills they need to achieve peak performance.

Sales & Marketing

We develop sales and marketing professionals at all levels by defining and teaching new processes, and helping to launch new products and services.

Business Transformation

We transform your employee population into impassioned change advocates through an immersive experience.

It’s Simple To Get Started on Your Transformation Journey

Here’s how we work with you:

Schedule a free consultation with one of our Principals.

Meet your dedicated Blueline team, who will quickly get immersed in your organization’s context, needs, and goals.

Partner with us to build alignment among your internal stakeholders for a learning solution targeted to your objectives.

Experience the power of a Blueline tailored or custom-built training initiative, and watch your vision become a reality.

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