Just in time, any time and anywhere it's needed.

Personalized learning, delivered at the point of need, in context.

elearning anywhere

Mobile technologies liberate the learner. They make it possible for all of us to access information at any time, anywhere, at the point of need. They put learning in perspective. They offer another window to augment the experience of learners who are taking in the world around them… seeing, hearing and interacting in context. And they make it possible for every learner to experience an individualized stream of information.

Mobile learning technologies represent a tremendous breakthrough in just-in-time reference and performance support. Even our acclaimed Level 4 immersive eSimulations – once tethered to the desktop computer – can now be delivered via myriad mobile devices.

In fact, mobile learning technologies are so appealing that it's easy to get caught up in the hype that says they are the solution to every learning need. They're not. Your challenge as a business leader is to maximize impact by blending mobile learning strategies with classroom, virtual classroom and simulation-based strategies.

That’s where we come in. We can help you sort through the hype and the technology… and explore the possibilities.


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