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Establishing ROI for Learning Initiatives

Download our free template to help you develop your business case for immersive learning and gain buy-in from employees and executives for your learning and development initiatives.
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Build a Business Case for Immersive Learning

Impress stakeholders, get buy-in and establish ROI for learning initiatives with this complete L&D Business Case template. Cover all key elements, estimate the return on investment, and ensure your pitch is successful.

How to use this template

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Establish target ROLI
  2. Describe all the costs involved
  3. Outline your organization’s business need and related knowledge, skill and behavioral change objectives
  4. Describe the baseline knowledge, skill or behavior level before training and current level of performance
  5. Detail the potential impact of the new knowledge, skill and/or behavior change 
  6. Describe the proposed immersive learning solution and the associated application and retention
  7. Set realistic expectations for the longevity of outcomes

We recommend leading with the target return on learning investment (ROLI). It’s the most likely data point to capture the attention of senior leaders and encourage them to dig deeper.

Benefits of the L&D Business Case template

  • Helps you plan and set up your L&D initiative
  • Clarifies your core objectives and the means to achieve them
  • Align learning initiatives with business strategy
  • Identify and mitigate potential risks
  • Demonstrate feasibility and benefits of the project 
  • Easy-to-read format
  • Informs stakeholders’ decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Immersive learning and/or training puts learners in an interactive learning environment—either onsite or virtually—that replicates real-life challenges. It provides a risk-free way for learners to fully connect with real-world content using a variety of modes that maximize learner engagement to develop new knowledge and skills.

This template is built to guide the reader through your plan to gain their understanding and buy-in. The more facts and data you have to back up your plan, the better. Each section of the L&D Business Case template covers a key area of your business case. Make sure your descriptions are clear and tell a story behind your idea. 

It is! We’ve been in the L&D game for over two decades, so we’re celebrating by sharing some free knowledge and experience that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have any questions about L&D in your organization.

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Download the full guide to Building The Business Case for Immersive Learning here. Whether you’re an L&D professional, a leader responsible for developing your department, or an advocate for learning at your organization, this free guide helps you make a solid business case for employee learning and development.

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