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Six Bad Habits of Hybrid Working

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Six Bad Habits of Hybrid Working

Years into hybrid work becoming the new normal, we need to take a closer look at where we’re getting it wrong, and how to fix it.

Most employees want to work from anywhere

agree that the ability to work from anywhere impacts whether they stay at or leave a job
believe hybrid and remote working has improved all aspects of well-being
0 %

But companies still aren’t fully ready to accommodate them

employees say their company is very prepared for the future of hybrid work
1 in
of employees say their company needs to rethink its culture
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About the hybrid working eBook

Even though many companies are calling their employees back to the office, hybrid work (or at least the expectation of it) is now entrenched in modern workplace culture.

Blueline Simulations developed this 10-minute read to help organizations identify the bad habits they’ve picked up along the way, and suggest some easy-to-implement solutions. 

Sneak peek at the 6 bad hybrid working habits

  1. Out of sight, out of mind: 57% say those in the office will see more career growth than remote workers
  2. Turning cameras (and attention) off: For many people, turning their cameras off has become standard practice, but at what cost?
  3. Apathy over empathy: 89% of HR leaders agree that managers need to lead with empathy in the hybrid environment
  4. Neglecting the needs of the middle manager: Today’s companies are faced with the new challenge of how best to help middle managers to be able to drive success among onsite, hybrid, and fully remote employees.
  5. Leaving new remote employees to their own devices: 30% of employees find the onboarding experience worse now than in pre-Covid times. 
  6. Sticking with outdated strategies: It’s not enough to attempt to migrate face-to-face approaches to a digital world; leaders need clear goals designed with a hybrid approach in mind.

How do we beat these habits?

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