Blueline’s Leadership Challenge

Off-the-shelf training scenarios to give your formal and informal leaders the confidence and skills they need to tackle today’s most pressing leadership challenges.

Are your leaders struggling to adapt their behaviors to the hybrid world?

  • It’s difficult to stay connected to dispersed employees
  • The shift from observing daily performance to managing outcomes is grueling
  • It can be overwhelming to navigate issues of flexibility, equity, and proximity bias

The demands on today’s leaders are draining.

Leaders need to be able to coach and provide feedback in an empathetic and inclusive way—while also grappling with the dynamics of hybrid teams.

They’re asked to make meaningful individual contributions despite ever increasing spans of control.

They’re trying to recognize when people aren’t being treated appropriately and react in real time, but they’re still missing key moments that turn into major issues.

They’ve learned what NOT to say, but they haven’t been equipped to engage meaningfully in context.

They want and need help.

Align With Employee Experience Insights

Build core competencies for inclusive leadership

Leadership Challenge is delivered via Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER™ digital design and delivery platform.

How it works

Build leadership competence while developing the support of a learning cohort by immersing your learners in an engaging simulation that grapples with the inclusivity challenges facing the modern leader.

Each scenario puts learners in today’s most relevant contexts:

  • Managing diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Leading in a hybrid work environment
  • Delivering task, performance, and career coaching and feedback

Context is everything

Choose from 20+ pre-defined scenarios dedicated to developing a common set of leadership skills to create a unique experience for your leaders. Scenarios include:

Learn how to be an effective leader in any environment, regardless of circumstances.

Why choose Blueline’s Leadership Challenge?

Your learners want to be successful in today’s diverse environment. Give them the tools so they can thrive.

  • Opportunity to practice new skills in context without business risk
  • Equally effective at training leaders virtually and/or on site
  • Proven curriculum backed by Blueline’s track record of delivering transformative learning solutions
  • Can be played in multiple languages simultaneously
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art team-based learning technology built from the ground up
  • Volume discounts for large-scale implementations

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