Implementation Showcase

Democratizing Data

We are helping a Fortune 300 pharmaceutical company elevate organizational performance and distinguish itself from the competition by democratizing the use of data at all levels, across the business.

The Need

The CEO of a large bio-sciences company announced an initiative to improve the speed and quality of decision-making by making data more accessible and usable to everyone in the organization. To accomplish this, the organization aims to provide decision-makers with access to data and the skills needed to apply it.

Due to the global regulatory landscape, the company is held to strict standards that require them to maintain compliance in all operations. But the data they use to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of their products and comply with other regulations is only as good as the skills of their people to access, understand, and use it. The organization has a large team of data and analytics partners whom team members can turn to for help answering business questions with data. However, in an increasingly data-driven business culture, the company recognizes the benefits of empowering all employees with data analytics skills. They have turned to Blueline to provide development opportunities that model the types of questions employees should be able to access and answer on their own. Equally important is understanding when it is appropriate to reach out to a data analytics partner for support.

The Blueline Solution

Blueline has already developed several simulations specific to business units that serve this complex initiative; we are currently in the process of developing several more. Our process starts with interviewing executives, subject matter experts, target participants, and other relevant stakeholders one-on-one and in focus groups. We use this information to model applications of best practices and common mistakes.

Each simulation is made up of a series of progressively more challenging scenarios that are carefully crafted to develop the skills and confidence of employees to use data and analytics to respond to business questions. These simulations are designed and delivered through Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER digital design platform.

ExperienceBUILDER simulations create a safe space for employees to learn to apply data analytics by working through real-life scenarios. Learners are tasked with identifying the problem or question, finding the right data source, analyzing that data, and making data-based decisions. They are able to experience the impact of their decisions and uncover common pitfalls. All results are scored and tracked on a live leaderboard to enhance enthusiasm, engagement, and learning retention.

The Result

The client has shared how much they value our consultative approach in coming up with a solution that supports this challenging business transformation initiative. They are delighted that we have been able to help them assimilate complex content and present it to learners in an accessible and engaging format. Participants have highlighted how much they enjoy working with their peers to solve real-world challenges.

Big data is clearly here to stay, and companies that can equip all of their people to access, analyze, and leverage data will have a clear competitive advantage. Although there will always be a need for data analytics experts to conduct advanced analyses, companies can elevate organizational performance by advancing the data skills of all employees.

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