Communications and Learning Professionals: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

As corporate learning professionals, we've been providing our clients with a unique mashup of learning and communications solutions for years now.

I’ve spent the past 20 years creating both communications solutions and learning solutions for some of the most influential companies in the world. One thing I’ve learned is that, from the organization’s point of view, those are two very different activities. Does the company need a communications campaign? Go hire the creative geniuses at Company A. Need a learning solution? Those would be the training hotshots over at Company B.

After all, communication is all about producing awareness; while the outcome of learning is new knowledge, skill and behavior.

Two totally different things. Right?

You would think so, considering how most organizations are structured. The communications folks sit on one floor of the building, while the learning and HR folks are on a different one. To get paid by everyone, I have to take an elevator.

At Blueline Simulations, we find these metaphorical and literal walls of separation unhelpful. After all, our professionals have extensive background in everything from organizational development to advertising to the fine arts. We believe your communications initiative should generate engagement and behavior change. And your learning programs should provide the message retention of a Madison Avenue ad campaign.

Come on, Corporate Communications and Training & Development. We love both of you the same! Let’s all get together!

We’ve been providing our clients with a unique mashup of learning and communications solutions for years now. We find that the people in Corporate Communications tend to join sides with the folks over in HR pretty quickly — especially once they see the power of aligning their efforts to create awareness, understanding, action, skill development, and exciting new ways of serving their constituents.

It all results in some pretty cool solutions. If you’re intrigued, we’d love to show you more! Stick around this blog. In our next post, we’ll show you some of the learning graphics and other tools we have developed to help our client partners achieve sustainable change.

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