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A new survey conducted by global management consulting firm Booz & Co. shows that a striking majority of corporate leaders are not able to keep their priorities straight. They are also pursuing strategies they don’t believe in, and many of their strategies fail to build on the things their companies are especially good at, compared with competitors. It’s like everything that can go wrong already has gone wrong for them.

Closing the gap

The ability to prioritize and align strategies with corporate strengths is just one example of the many leadership fundamentals executives must possess today. Closing the business fundamentals gap in your organization requires new insights and skills – that can only come from experience. How will you ensure that your next generation of leaders will get the experience they need to respond effectively to the myriad of strategic challenges that your executives face every day?


Executive Challenge™ is the latest in a series of fully immersive leadership simulations designed to give your high potential leaders the insight and skills needed to deal with nearly every strategic challenge imaginable – from talent management to ethics to defining and executing a global vision.

Please join us for a live walk-through of Executive Challenge™ led by Blueline’s Director of Leadership Innovations: Steve Mosley. Two dates to choose from: March 27 or April 9th!

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