PART II Is the notion of an artificially intelligent simulation dead?

(Or: Why you can be confident our simulations will never rise up to extinguish all of humanity.)

Last week, I posted my thoughts on the “failed promise” of artificial intelligence. (Did you miss it? Click here.)

Today’s pioneers in artificial intelligence are no longer chasing the dream of replicating the complex processes inherent in the human brain. Instead, according to Steven Levy, Senior Writer at Wired Magazine, they are using “machine learning, massive data sets, sophisticated sensors, and clever algorithms to master discrete tasks.” Steven cites examples that can be found everywhere: “The Google global machine uses AI to interpret cryptic human queries,” he writes.  “Credit card companies use it to track fraud. Netflix uses it to recommend movies to subscribers. And the financial system uses it to handle billions of trades (with only the occasional meltdown).”

Clearly, the power of AI has found a comfortable, unassuming role in many corners of our culture. So what should the new vision of A.I. in learning be? How can we leverage this important technology to build cost-effective training solutions, with reasonable development timeframes that create a unique experience for each learner?

At Blueline, we are taking a two-pronged approach.

First, we have been exploring solutions that leverage a gaming engine (with rules, probabilities and randomization dictating the occurrence of certain nodes), voice recognition and thousands of nodes that lead the learner to believe that the simulation they are interacting with is artificially intelligent. This allows us to provide an experience so robust that you could practice interactions for weeks with in a single simulation and never have the same interaction twice.

That’s just the beginning. We have partnered with a neurobiologist who has been doing breakthrough work to transform the public education market. His solution tailors the entire experience to the learner using complex algorithms to assess individual learning needs combined with affordable and easily implemented simulation techniques. His approach has created solutions that consistently demonstrate 300% improvements in retention over control groups. (No, that was not a typo. 300%. Let that sink in.)

Are these solutions TRON-like yet? Not even close. But they do allow us to help clients deliver effective individualized training, at a reasonable cost now.

Give us a call. We’ll show you more.

And, we promise our simulations will never, ever rise up against our clients in a bloody mechanical apocalypse.

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