What do you do when your sales model no longer works?

Not surprisingly, the sales model that you and your competitors have relied on for decades is no longer delivering the results you need.

Your marketplace is changing in fundamental ways. Your customer’s business model has changed.  The decision makers have changed.  Not surprisingly, the sales model that you and your competitors have relied on for decades is no longer delivering the results you need.  You aren’t sure that you even need a sales force anymore.  But there are pockets of success in your organization.

What do you do?

One major pharmaceutical company reached out to Blueline Simulations to help revamp their sales model to better meet evolving market conditions and customer expectations. Building on the company’s market research that showed clearly that most customers still value pharmaceutical sales reps, but don’t value the industry’s standard sales approach, we used our Voice of the Business (VoB) process to identify what was needed in a new sales model.

Using our VoB process, we culled our client’s research for insights, and identified best practices in existing pockets of success. Then, drawing upon our decades of sales training experience, together with our client, we mapped out a new customer-focused sales model, defined the core skills and competencies required to execute the new model, and identified key triggers we could use to engage and inspire the representatives.

Of course, designing a new sales model is only the start. The real key to results is driving adoption in the field. The company had already designated three states to use to test the new customer approach and we helped them create a roll-out strategy for testing the new model. The training design utilized a custom Blueline Blueprint as a central element in a 3-day meeting in which representatives were introduced to the new sales model. We used the Blueprint Learning Visual as a launch point for a broad range of practice and coaching activities led by sales managers – to provide practice, and allow time for concerns and questions to be explored.

The six-month test in the three states proved very successful. Based on learnings from the initial pilot, the sales model was further refined and then rolled out across the US and eventually, with adjustments for local markets, applied across the globe.

Is your market rapidly shifting? Are your customers’ expectations changing significantly? Is your historically successful sales model no longer getting the results you need?

What do you do?  Give Blueline a call and we’ll help you explore possible solutions to get you back on track to the results you are looking for.

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