Sometimes training isn’t the answer.

"You don’t have a training problem, you have the opportunity to build enthusiasm through powerful communications."

Several years ago a Pharmaceuticals client called to ask us to revise and update a training program we had developed in 2006. Our original design combined an online branching simulation with an immersive classroom game to introduce their R&D organization to a new product planning process.

I responded by asking what prompted our client’s desired revisions. When the client answered: “To introduce new templates and a streamlined process that better aligns with the current business model,” I had my first clue that training might not be the answer. As we explored this more fully, three primary issues emerged. First, the new product development teams felt that the process was too complicated and time consuming. Second, they weren’t sure how the process aligned with the company’s new strategic initiatives. And third, teams weren’t convinced that leaders wanted or needed their output.

These issues pointed toward a different solution. So I asked: “If the teams knew what was now expected and they had access to the streamlined documentation templates, would they be able to successfully follow the process and complete the analysis and documentation?” Hearing, “Yes” I replied,

“Then you don’t have a training problem, you have the opportunity to build enthusiasm through powerful communications.”

BKDOne of the many frameworks we use to explore how best to help clients solve their business challenges is BKD (Believe-Know-Do). We start with what do you want your target audience to be able to Do. Then we explore what they need to Know in order to Do that effectively. And finally, what do they need to Believe to be motivated to Do it.

As the client and I continued our analysis of the situation, we concluded that teams needed to Know how the process and documentation had been simplified based on their feedback. They also needed to Believe that leaders needed the teams’ output to make critical decisions.

In my next post, I’ll walk you through how we saved our client time and money by implementing a communications solution. In the meantime, if you aren’t sure if you have a training problem or communications need, give Blueline a call.

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