How AI-powered microsimulations provide next-gen performance support 

Imagine this: it’s late at night, and you’re preparing to deliver difficult feedback to an employee in the morning. You want to practice and get a feel for different approaches, but your dog doesn’t make a very good conversation partner. It’s in situations like this that AI-powered microsimulations offer a solution by providing just-in-time, just-enough performance support precisely when you need it. These simulations act as immersive, contextually sophisticated learning experiences, allowing you to engage in realistic scenarios and receive immediate feedback in a risk-free environment.

Microlearning isn’t a new concept; according to one source, it may be one of the oldest forms of learning, the earliest examples of which include our ancestors scratching or carving symbols and drawings on bone, stone, and wood to pass on basic survival techniques. Fast forward a couple of millennia, and microlearning has grown into a multi-million-dollar industry. 

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Can’t I practice difficult interaction using generative AI without a microsimulation?

Well, not exactly. Yes, you can simulate a conversation with ChatGPT or other generative AI applications, and it might even help you process your nervous feelings. However, there are two missing components, both of which are critical to an effective learning experience.

  1. Context: Simulations put learned concepts into context, increasing the likelihood that new behaviors will get transferred back to the real world. In an AI-driven microsimulation, context comes from custom parameters programmed into the large language model (LLM). We can make the AI respond within the context of your business strategies, coaching model, sales approach, etc. By putting the right guardrails in place, we can turn a generic conversation into a highly contextualized interaction that’s been personalized to your organization’s unique milieu. 
  2. Meaningful feedback: Yes, AI is capable of providing feedback—but let’s revisit item one. Is the feedback in context? Does it enable the learner to fail forward while advancing their mastery of your unique performance models? Generic LLM feedback is not always helpful, or even accurate. A microsimulation includes a scoring rubric to help the learner make genuine performance improvements. In the right setting, the feedback structure can also be used to create competition in a larger learning effort.

These two components require creative and skilled human input to guide the AI and make a microsimulation worthy of the learner’s time.

Microlearning + simulations + AI = accelerated learning outcomes

The integration of AI into learning approaches is revolutionizing the way we acquire new skills and knowledge. AI-driven technologies, like ChatGPT and other generative AI applications, enhance on-demand learning and support, make the learning experience more realistic and effective, and cater to the evolving needs of learners in corporate environments. When coupled with AI, microlearning becomes a force multiplier. 

At Blueline, we’re fusing our authentic intelligence and experience with cutting-edge AI technologies to craft microsimulations developed around challenging real-life scenarios that combine complex datasets and sophisticated characters tailored to achieve specific learning outcomes. Organization-specific parameters are meticulously programmed into the LLM, providing learners with personalized, contextualized interactions.

Learner responses to carefully crafted scenarios are processed through the latest generative AI engines. These engines generate instant feedback, analyzing the responses against a rubric that reflects the uniqueness of your organization. And learners experience the consequences of their actions in real-time, which creates powerful, teachable moments.

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The benefits of AI-powered microsimulations

AI-powered microsimulations represent a paradigm shift in learning methodologies, offering a dynamic, personalized, and immersive learning experience that empowers individuals to build essential skills efficiently and effectively. 

How can I learn more? 

We’re so glad you asked! We’d love to show you a demo of our next-gen learning technology using the power of generative AI to provide quick, low-cost learning experiences that accelerate skill development, performance enhancement, behavior change, and business transformation


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