The AI advantage in learning simulations 

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), but what are some helpful use cases in learning and development (L&D)? 

In our industry, the buzz around AI finds solid ground in scenario simulations—with benefits for both the simulation developer and the end-user (the learner). 

Let’s first look at how AI accelerates simulation development

Blueline’s foray into AI began with using the tech to expedite course development and immersive simulation design. We explored how AI could streamline the entire simulation creation process, from drafting content to initial translations. 

For example:

  • Using an AI image generator to create human-centric art 
  • Integrating machine learning tools to streamline the video editing process
  • Experimenting with AI voice technology to enhance diversity and representation and reduce cost
  • Using AI to analyze and process large amounts of performance data 

Making simulations more realistic and engaging using AI

Simulations bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering a true-to-life environment for learners to hone crucial skills. When coupled with AI, simulations become even more engaging and powerful tools to build skills, competence, and expertise with speed and scale at a lower cost. 

When the AI buzz began, we tread lightly because our research dictated that we would need a massive audience to train the AI for it to be effective. And while we have done some very large custom applications, they rarely reach the tens of thousands of respondents required. 

Enter generative AI that uses large language models (LLMs). LLMs have made it possible for us to deliver custom, context-specific simulations to smaller audiences with remarkable efficacy.

For example, our enhanced ExperienceBUILDER platform uses generative AI to simulate a broad range of decision-based business challenges. Using an organization’s context and goals, we’re able to program a large language model with specific parameters, feedback frameworks, coaching models, personas, and specific phrases to provide learners with just-in-time training aligned with their unique performance models and standards. 

How it works:

AI-powered scenario simulations facilitate active learning and decision-making with human-like interactions, providing cost-effective, authentic learning experiences that lead to deeper learning, inquiry, and problem-solving. 

Generative AI engines process learner responses, offering instant feedback against organization-specific rubrics. The real-time feedback mechanism empowers learners to witness the immediate impact of their decisions, creating powerful, teachable moments. 

AI-powered simulations can be used to develop a broad range of practical decision-making skills in a safe environment:

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But where do the humans fit in? 

AI is awesome. But it has its limitations. You can’t just interact with Chat GPT and expect to magically become a better manager. 

It’s the blend of human creativity, authentic intelligence, AND advanced technology (like AI) that leads to transformative learning experiences. As such, ExperienceBUILDER isn’t simply a shiny piece of tech—it’s a powerful combination of human-centered design expertise and cutting-edge AI.

The fusion of human expertise and AI technology in ExperienceBUILDER delivers simulations that:

  • Are tailored to achieve specific learning outcomes
  • Ground learning in context to reflect organizational culture, strategies, and coaching models
  • Enable personalized experiences by guiding learners through unscripted scenarios based on individual responses
  • Deliver real-time feedback, analyzing responses against organization-specific rubrics

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The exciting potential of AI learning simulations

AI isn’t going anywhere, and it’s up to L&D leaders to harness it effectively to create better learner experiences and a positive ROI for their training curricula. As AI-driven simulations continue to evolve, the focus remains on delivering moments that matter—moments that shape successful leaders and enable organizations to thrive.

Get in touch or schedule a demo to learn more about how our ExperienceBUILDER platform makes the most of human expertise and AI’s engaging experiences to create impactful learning journeys.

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