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Why do Blueline Blueprint™ Learning Visual-based experiences drive such high levels of retention and application?

When teams of learners explore, discuss, and even argue about critical concepts, without even knowing it they are building powerful memories. By using a Blueline BlueprintTM Learning Visual-based experience, we are able to “lock-in” those memories through stories and metaphorical images.blueline-q&a3

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Are you gaining customers or losing ground?

What do you get when you combine world-class sales behaviors with breakthrough learning technologies?

An experience that revolutionizes the way
sales professionals achieve success.

Has your sales model evolved with the market? If not, you’re losing ground.

Introducing Supportive Selling, an innovative, classroom-based training experience that uses iPad-based simulation technology and interactive visuals to equip sales professionals with skills and concepts that take success to whole new heights.

At the heart of Supportive Selling are two powerful components never before combined – making this a truly one-of-a-kind experience:

  • A Blueline Blueprint™ table-sized learning visual, which serves as a catalyst for in-depth discussion and analysis
  • Dr. Dale Olsen’s Supportive Selling Skills model, which builds on research conducted by Neil Rackham (SPIN Selling) and others on the most successful sales techniques

By combining a learning visual with the latest in iPad-based sales simulation technology, Blueline has created a discovery training experience that inspires new sales behaviors and sets sales organizations on a path to achieve maximum growth.

And just-in-time performance support through an optional PeopleSIM™ Supportive Selling simulation and elearning module enables sales professionals to hone their selling skills any time, anywhere, 24/7/365.

It’s the whole package. For a whole new way of achieving sales success.

Grow with the market.
Get with the times.

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How are you going to help a new generation of sales professionals to succeed?

Dale Olsen’s latest book explores the practices that differentiate today’s top sales professionals. But acquiring knowledge of these breakthrough techniques is just the beginning. How are you going to quickly and effectively build the skills needed to consistently apply these practices? Click to determine whether your organization is ready to embrace this new sales model, and to take advantage of the transformative learning tools that deliver on its promise.


New Book Supportive Selling Invigorates Sales Field with Clear Structure and Easy-to-Learn Techniques

In virtually any field, sellers face the same few core challenges: getting customers to express their needs, showing how their solution meets those needs, and keeping momentum alive until a purchase is made. In the new book Supportive Selling, and a companion training simulation, Dale Olsen, PhD and Ben Allen-Kingsland draw on a vast body of research on influencing to help users put next-generation sales model into practice.supportive-selling-book

In an era where customers can compare products and gather details instantly online, the decades-old model of a seller whose primary role is to inform and persuade is less relevant than ever. This is particularly true in complex sales involving long time periods and multiple decision makers. To be effective, sellers need to understand what their customers need, but customers tend not to reveal those details unless there’s something in it for them. What can sellers do to succeed in this environment?

A new book by Dale Olsen, PhD and Ben Allen-Kingsland lays out a next-generation model called Supportive Selling to help sellers in any field support their customers through the buying process, positioning themselves as valuable, knowledgeable consultants with solutions made for the customers’ needs.

“I’ve been selling since my time at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab,” says Olsen, now President of SIMmersion, a Blueline Partner Company. “It always struck me how the right kind of approach would make customers more open. This book came out of my desire to figure out the common threads between successful sales and how they related to influencing in other fields.”

In addition to the next-generation sales model in the Supportive Selling book, Dr. Olsen’s team at SIMmersion applied the concepts to the state-of-the-art training simulation, PEOPLESIM™: Supportive Selling Skills. In this online system, users get to put their sales skills into practice in highly realistic virtual sales calls.  This easily adapted sales model combines with the most effective interpersonal skills-building technology ever designed to produce an unrivaled sales skills training system now available for delivery via ILT, VILT and as online performance support.

“Reading about a new sales model is one thing,” says Olsen. “Being able to practice it in a stress-free virtual environment, without any real sales on the line, is a capability we’re proud to be able to offer.”

For readers interested in a next-generation sales model, Supportive Selling is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon and other retailers. For a free test drive of the simulation Contact us or visit