Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER™, powered by GenAI

Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER now includes a next-gen, AI-powered integration.

Decision-making skills are tough to hone—and most training falls apart when the learner gets back into a high-pressure business environment.

The latest in learning: Helping people make better decisions

Welcome to an enhanced ExperienceBUILDER platform, which uses generative AI as an engine to simulate a broad range of decision-based business challenges.

  • Deliver precise, just-in-time training and performance support aligned with your unique performance models and standards
  • Allow learners to witness the direct impact of their decisions in real time
  • Meet learners at their level with personalized experiences

See generative AI in action in Blueline’s ExperienceBUILDER

Corporate Learning and Development Skills

Why ExperienceBUILDER

Who should use ExperienceBUILDER?

Use our AI-powered simulations to develop a broad range of practical decision-making skills:


Confront and navigate challenging leadership dilemmas


Engage in high-value sales and negotiation scenarios


Develop data literacy and tackle business performance challenges


Facilitate seamless knowledge transfer by applying internal expertise in context

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